Involvement in Other Projects

The list of the Projects which EWORA BoD members participate: 

FESTA - Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia (2012- 2017) is a EU FP7 project under the program: Capacities.

COST Gender STE, Science, Technology, Environment. genderSTE is a network of policy makers and experts committed to promoting a fairer representation of women and better integration of gender analysis in research and innovation

Network for Women Academics Project (KAAG) (2011-2013) National Project: NETFA (National) ITU has been leading a project on Network of  Female Academicans in Turkey the objective of which is to apply the UNICAFE research design for a group of universities in Turkey. With the support of Coca-Cola Foundation  and Women Studies Centers from 9 universities are involved in the project to study gender patterns  in the career of academicans. December 2010- 2013

Meta-analysis of Gender and Science Research Project was funded under the FP7 (FP7 RTD–PP–L4–2007–1) (2008-2010).The final report forms part of the overall effort to produce a meta-analysis of gender and science research across Europe (FP7 RTD–PP–L4–2007–1). Coordinator:CIREM  Fundació Centre d’Iniciatives i Recerques Europees a la Mediterrània, Spain


UNICAFE Project: Survey of the University Career of Female Scientists at Life Sciences  versus Technical Universities: UNICAFE Project was funded under the Sixth Research Framework Programme of the European Union SAS6-CT-2006-036695  (2006-08)



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