Teresa Pizarro Beleza

Prof. Teresa Pizarro Beleza is Full Professor at NOVA University, Lisbon.


She graduated in Law and became an academic shortly after. She taught and did research on Criminal law and Women’s Law in Coimbra, Lisbon, Cambridge and Venice (EIUC). She initiated the teaching and research on Women’s rights in Portugal, where she taught “Women’s Law” for the first time in 1998-1999, after being invited to join the new (1997) Faculdade de Direito (Law School) of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (www.fd.unl.pt).

Her PhD thesis, on Women in the Criminal Law, was a daring and innovative feminist approach to Women’s Law and Criminology in Portugal. She opened up the way for many other younger lawyers and students who went on to doing research in such areas.


She has published and taught extensively on Criminal Law and on Women’s Law and Women’s Rights, both at pre- and post- graduate level.

She has supervised Master and PhD dissertations on Criminal Law, Human Rights, including Prisoners’ and Women’s Rights, both in Portugal and in Venice (E.Ma, www.eiuc.org) and served as external examiner elsewhere.


She served at the CPT (Prevention of Torture, Council of Europe) as an elected member in respect of Portugal; and she also participated as an expert in the EU-China and EU-Iran Dialogues in Human Rights.


She serves currently as Dean of the LawSchool, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.