Sijbolt Noorda

Sijbolt Noorda is president of Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna and of Academic Cooperation Association, Brussels. He is a former president of the Dutch Association of Research Universities, president emeritus of Universiteit van Amsterdam and a former Board member of the European University Association.


Dr Noorda writes and lectures on teaching and learning in Higher Education, about ideals and practices of internationalization, on open science, core values and on governance issues in HEIs. He regularly reviews and gives advice to individual universities and national systems in the European Higher Education Area. In The Netherlands he chairs the supervisory board of Codarts (the Rotterdam University of the Arts), the board of De Groene Amsterdammer (the only independent weekly magazine in the country) and the board of Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (the music hall for contemporary classical music). He is the father of three daughters who each have made their own professional career.