Sara Moreno

Sara Moreno Colom

Vice-Rector for Students and Employability

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona











Tenure-track lecturer in the Department of Sociology of the UAB and researcher in the Centre for Sociological Studies on Everyday Life and Work (QUIT-UAB) and the Institute for Labour Studies (IET-UAB). She was Vice Dean of Professionalization at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the UAB from 2009 to 2015 and is currently Vice Dean of Institutional Relations.


Her academic career began in 2002 when she was a grantholding trainee researcher (FPI) in QUIT. In September 2007 defended her PhD thesis “Time, work and welfare: an approach from everyday life”, which merited the Special Prize of the Department of Sociology. Over the years she has spent a pre-doctoral research period at the Cambio research centre of the University of Florence and a postdoctoral research period at the Centre for International Business Studies at the University of the South Bank in London.


Her lines of research and transfer are framed within the sociological field of work, the sociology of time and the sociology of gender. Specifically, she specialises in the analysis of work, time and everyday life, with a focus on social inequalities, welfare and public policies. As a researcher she has been continually involved in competitive research projects and has directed and taken part in research and transfer agreements in collaboration with leading public and private institutions in the field of social sciences, such as the Institute of Statistics for Catalonia (IDESCAT), the Catalan Institute for Women, the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona, the ”La Caixa” Foundation and the Jaume Bofill Foundation, among others. She has several articles published and is a reviewer for specialised journals in her areas of knowledge, has been an evaluator for competitive projects, been a panel member for research prizes and is a member of the Sociology of Labour Research Committee of the Spanish Sociology Federation.