Prof. Ana Costa Freitas

Prof. Ana Costa Freitas is the Rector of the University of Évora (Portugal), elected on April 23rd 2014 and re-elected for a second term on March 22nd 2018. She has been Associate Professor with Aggregation in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Évora, since 2004. She received an engineering degree in Agronomy from the Institute Superior of Agronomy (School of Agriculture), UTL (former Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, current University of Lisbon), completed her PhD in Food Biotechnology by the University of Évora in 1988, and in 2002 obtained the Habilitation in Chromatographic Methods applied to the Food Industry by the same University. Her area of expertise is Chromatography, Sensory Analysis, Enantioselectivae and multidimensional chromatography, and Analysis of flavors. Currently, her research is especially directed towards the analysis of Mediterranean food products with special emphasis on wines and olive oils; identification of compounds present in the extract of the aroma and determining the relationship between the chemical compounds and sensory impact; identification of enantiomers, determination of enantiomeric excess using enantioselective chromatography; application of chirality in determining the authenticity and fraud detection; limits of detection and olfacto detection of enantiomers; the relationship with the aroma of food products; and the usage of comprehensive multidimensional chromatography. She participated in many research projects and scientific meetings and authored numerous publications both in national and international peer review journals. Since August 2015, she is a high-level expert of Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF) and between 2011 and 2013 she worked as Adviser in the Bureau of European Policy Advisers of the European Commission. At the University of Évora she occupied many important positions: Member of the General Council of the University of Évora (December 2012 - October 2013), Vice-Rector, responsible for the Academic sector (2006- 2010), Vice-President of the Scientific Council of the University of Évora (2005-2006), Vice-President of the Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural Sciences (2004-2006), Vice-President of the Executive Council of the Department of Agricultural Sciences (2004-2005), Vice-President of the Scientific Council of the Department of Agricultural Sciences (2004-2006), president of the Department of Plant Sciences (2004-2006). She was also the Director of Research in Bioorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the Chemistry Department of the Center of Fine Chemistry and Biotechnology (CQFB - Centro de Química Fina e Biotecnologia) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, between 1999-2002.