Newsletter Mednight June 2024

MEDNIGHT’s ultimate goal is that young people and society in general are attracted to the research career and science. To do this, we will define and value Mediterranean science and work with partners from eight different countries: Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Cyprus, Türkiye, Tunisia and Belgium. Moreover a ninth country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, joins MEDNIGHT as Associated Partner. Funded by the MSCA, European Union.


Call for Applications:

The Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative, in collaboration with MEDNIGHT and EWORA, is a groundbreaking opportunity for universities across the Mediterranean Region to be recognized as leaders in advancing gender equality within academia.

Overview of the Initiative:

This initiative celebrates universities advancing gender equality through rigorous evaluation of inclusivity, diversity, and tangible achievements.

The Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative signifies progress and inspires further advancements in the region's academic landscape.

Application Process:

Apply by October 15, 2024, for recognition as a leading Mediterranean university in gender equality. Selected universities will be honored at a GALA event in Brussels in March 2025. Click here for the application form.


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