Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers

The Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative, in collaboration with MEDNIGHT and EWORA, is a groundbreaking opportunity for universities across the Mediterranean Region to be recognized as leaders in advancing gender equality within academia.


Overview of the Initiative:

The initiative aims to acknowledge and celebrate universities that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to fostering gender equality within their academic ecosystems. Through a rigorous evaluation process, the initiative seeks to identify universities that not only prioritize inclusivity and diversity but also achieve tangible results in promoting gender equality.

The Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative stands as a testament to progress, inspiring further advancements toward a more equitable and inclusive academic landscape in the Mediterranean Region.


Application Process:

The application process for the Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative has been meticulously designed to ensure a thorough evaluation of participating universities’ efforts. It will involve the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data, providing a comprehensive view of each institution’s initiatives, policies, and achievements related to gender equality.

Apply by October 15, 2024, to be recognized as a leading Mediterranean university on gender equality. Selected universities will be honored at a GALA event in Brussels in March 2025. Please click here for the application form


Jury Evaluation:

A distinguished jury consisting of three esteemed members will evaluate the applications. This jury will recognize universities that have excelled in promoting gender equality, serving as role models for positive change within academia. Their evaluation will consider factors such as the implementation of gender equality policies, the impact of initiatives, and measurable outcomes achieved.