MEDNIGHT: Call for Researchers

MEDNIGHT objective is to generate a Mediterranean strengthen unity, visibilising our common problems and to reinforce and Support the Science working towards our major concerns: Science is the future and is a matter for men, women, children and youngsters


Mednight brings the participation of 10 institutions in consortia: FISABIO, INCLIVA, CSIC, MUDIC, El Caleidoscopio, SciCo Cyprus, the University of Messina, the Kadir Has University of Istanbul and the European Women Rectors Association (EWORA), under the coordination of SciCo Greece.


The main purpose of the call is to value science and scientists’, working through the segments that are more easily recognisable to the publics we want to address. To do this, we will define and value Mediterranean Science, with the aim of creating a feeling of identity and belonging to it and recognise it as something we can be proud of. Under the common umbrella of Mediterranean Science, we make this call to researchers, research centers and universities. Our goal is researchers and scientists to “leave” the lab and bring their research to the public on beaches, central squares, school classrooms, public areas, Social Media, TV shows and other friendly formats.

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