Kerstin Tham

Vice Chancellor at Malmö University:
Professor Kerstin Tham

Professor Kerstin Tham is since November 1st 2015 Vice Chancellor of Malmö University, Sweden. She previously served as Deputy Vice Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Stockholm. She has extensive experience from academic leadership positions and Malmö University is now proud to have appointed its first female Vice Chancellor.

Professor Tham has a degree in Occupational Therapy, and doctoral (phd) degree in Neurology (1998). She was appointed as full professor in Occupational therapy in 2009.

Her research focuses on aspects of rehabilitation after stroke and the overall aim is to build knowledge, develop and evaluate person-centered health services for people with stroke and their families. Professor Tham has conducted internationally unique research identifying the lived experience of individuals with neuropsychological impairments after stroke, as unilateral neglect, by applying an occupational science perspective. The research has contributed to the development of new models, methods and strategies for rehabilitation after stroke.

Professor Tham was officially inaugurated as Malmö University’s Vice Chancellor at an Inauguration Ceremony in Malmö City Hall on February 12th , after 100 days in office. In her speech during the ceremony she talked about the unique characteristics of Malmö University and said to fully embrace the university's vision which entails:

A world where diversity, knowledge and creativity are transformed into action for sustainable community development.

Professor Tham says there is a genuine social commitment at Malmö University, and a willingness to contribute to a better world. The university has fostered a very creative environment and has a close relationship with the City of Malmö as well as Region Skåne and the international community. The university's core values of diversity, creativity, quality and social commitment are expressed both in words and action by both students and staff.

“After my first 100 days, I see Malmö University as a unique diamond in the rough, with a multitude of small sparkling gems that we have good opportunities to put together to create a glittering crown. The university is in a prime position to take the lead and create new paradigms within both education and research”

Professor Tham has a lot of experience in working with Makarere University in Uganda and now looks forward to getting to know the members of the SANORD, in order to start and continue fruitful and innovative cooperation in education and research. Professor Tham welcomes all members of the SANORD to a Partner Day at Malmö University on Sep 6th 2016 (prior to the conference in Uppsala on Sep 7-9th). Please save the date, more information will follow.

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