Handbook on Resistance to Gender Equality in Academia

FESTA Project (FP7 287526, SiS.2011.2.1.1-1]) is happy to announce the launching of the the toolkit titled 

RESGE – Handbook on Resistance to Gender Equality in Academia. The toolkit is available at

This online handbook aims to present a deeper understanding of resistance to structural change to gender equality in academic institutions and the ways of dealing with it. It is concerned with forms, directions, and aspects of resistance coming from men and women as well as the organizations, and the ways resistance operates. RESGE also contains a list of recommendations for dealing with a variety of possible resistance incidents along the process of change.

This handbook is addressed to change agents and researchers engaged in gender equality projects both in academic and non-academic institutions. Anyone engaged in a change process in any subject area can also benefit from RESGE since the handbook covers some of the general types of resistance which are not directly related to gender issues.  




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