Fourth Conference

Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Women Rectors Across Europe, Role of Leadership in Structural Changes, 15- 17 May 2014, ITU, Istanbul

The conference which was held under the patronage of UNESCO attracted 25 national and 58 international participants from 24 countires. The primary goal of the conference was to bring together academic leaders, to share experiences and develop new ideas to improve the conditions for women academics to remove the barriers of horizontal and vertical segregation and to articulate a set of recommendations for different bodies such as European Commission, nation states and academic institutions. 

Participants who are or have been leaders in academic institutions have crafted and designed recommendations on the bases of their career experiences as well as the contributions of the experts. This document, which is called as Istanbul Recommendations”, provides recommendations in 3 main titles, which are “Recommendations for Academic Leaders/Leadership”, “Recommendations for National Authorities” and Recommendations for Supra-­­ National Organizations.  
2014 conference