EWORA Women in Leadership World Café 2020

Women Leaders in Higher Education:
Current Realities, Future Visions

May 26-28, 2020, Historical Building “La Nau", University of Valencia

EWORA is pleased to award a number of travel grants to assist Early Career Female Academics (with a PhD aspiring to leadership) in attending EWORA World Café 2020 and 2nd EWORA workshop titled "Leadership in HE&R: Values, Complexities and Decision Making".  EWORA World Café 2020 is supported and funded by NordForsk (

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  • interacting with senior women leaders of academia across Europe
  • meeting and exchanging ideas and knowledge with gender experts on leadership
  • gaining new skills for attaining leadership positions
  • learning and developing new insights on gender equality and leadership
  • establishing links with EWORA &i ts members who are academic leaders in European Universities
  • participation in the 2nd EWORA workshop including thGala  Dinner
As part of EWORA’s 2nd Workshop, a World Café for future academic women leaders will take place on May 27, 2020 at the University of Valencia, Spain, with a Feedback Session on May 28th, 2020. The University of Valencia will provide its historical building “La Nau Cultural Center” as the meeting venue for this event.  

The purpose of the World Café is to foster a conversation identifying pathways to academic leadership for women and to empower women to pursue leadership positions. Participants will be future academic women leaders across Europe, and the themes will explore opportunities, drivers and barriers to women’s academic leadership. Additionally, conversations will not just focus on counting more women into existing structures, but will also consider visioning what type of gender-equitable universities we would like to see and work for in the future. Table Hosts are senior women academics, who will facilitate the conversations.  

The World Café is a collaborative conversation methodology in which participants are invited to explore questions in an informal conversation setting. World Cafés foster dialogue, involve active engagement, and collectively identify constructive possibilities for action and change. The format of the World Café means that each participant discusses each question with a number of different hosts and groups of participants in order to gather multiple perspectives and new insights. 

Prof. Liisa Husu, Professor of Gender Studies, Örebro University
Prof. Louise Morley, Professor of Higher Education, University of Sussex


The grant is meant for junior female academics (max. 8 years after obtaining PhD) performing research and/or teaching in European Universities. Eligible researchers should use the online form in order to apply for travel grants. Application form for a travel grant to EWORA Women in Leadership World Café 2020 “Women Leaders in Higher Education: Current Realities, Future Visions”:
Important Dates:
Deadline for application: 2 March, 2020
Successful/Unsuccessful Application Notification: 20 March, 2020
Successful Travel Grant Recipient to confirm Acceptance of Travel Grant to attend World cafe and 2nd EWORA Workshop: 30 March, 2020


Travel grants to cover travel, accommodation and registration fees. Reimbursements will be processed after the event. A total of twenty travel grants will be offered. Grant holders are expected to join  all  sessions of the 2nd EWORA Workshop.  They may claim travel &accommodation costs for a maximum of €700. Registration fee of the workshop will be waived for successful applicants. The applications will be selected by an EWORA selection Committee.