• The survey was conducted between December 2016 and April 2017 utilizing “google forms”. It was based on an online questionnaire disseminated among active/former female Rectors/Vice Rectors mostly in the European countries but not restricted to this region only. 
  • EWORA has been collecting and updating its database of female academics who are or have been in leadership positions of academia. As some of the e-mail addresses have not, however, been active due to changes of academics’ positions/institutions, it was not possible to deduce the exact number of people who have been reached. So we did not calculate the response rate.
  • The total number of respondents was 91. They were guaranteed anonymity. The sample is not meant to be representative, but the responses would be indicative of common perceptions and expectations among the respondents which provide useful reference to EWORA.

Survey objectives:

  • To provide information about the leadership attributes, experiences, perceptions and expectations of potential EWORA members
  • To determine the future activities and projects of EWORA
  • To assess the status and role of EWORA

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