Anne de Paepe

Anne De Paepe graduated as an M.D. from Ghent University  in 1980. She completed a residency in internal medicine  (1985) and subsequently  a fellowship in human  genetics ( including a training at the MRC, Dermatology Research Group, Northwick Park  Hospital, London, UK).  She joined the Center  for  Medical Genetics from the Ghent University Hospital , where she  started a clinical and laboratory research  setting  for her studies on  Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders .  She  obtained a PhD in human genetics  at Ghent university  in 1987 and a ….in Higher Education in 1992. In 1993 Anne De Paepe was appointed as Chair of the Center for Medical Genetics and as associate professor of human and medical genetics at Ghent University. She was promoted to full professor in 1997. Under  her direction the Center for Medical Genetics developed into a multidisciplinary and  renowned  department and her research activities gained international recognition as witnessed by her many assignments in national and international  scientific boards, her invited contributions in international meetings,  large scientific output with over 380 peer reviewed publications and many scientific prizes and awards.  She engaged in several functions and positions at Ghent university  (a.o. in the research board of the university and  as Vice-Dean  of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)  as well as in several national and international Advisory  Boards and Committees. In 2012 she was elected as the first female Rector of Ghent University ( in its 200 years history) , position she took for a term of 4 years ( till October 2017) . She now serves as Prorector, with  several assignments in the university, the university hospital  ( o.a. Chair of the Board for Academic Coordination )  and  in the Department of Medical Genetics.