Ana M. González Ramos

Dr Ana M. González Ramos, senior researcher at IN3 (Open University of Catalonia). PhD. Statistics and Operational Research of the University of Cadiz, 2004. Sociology, University of Granada, 1994. Her work is focused on gender studies and science and technology. Among other projects, he has led two national projects on mobility of highly qualified personnel and scientific careers, emphasizing the structural changes that organizations would have to make to assume a more competitive and inclusive competition. She has been a visiting professor at the universities of Costa Rica, Havana in Cuba, the Catholic University of Pelotas in Brazil, the Institut für Horere Studien in Vienna and the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (PREST) ​​in the United Kingdom. She has published in national and international journals such as Gender, Place and Culture, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Tertiary Education and Management, Women's Studies International Forum, Feminism, RIS, Politics and Society, Papers. Journal of Sociology.