Prof. Gulsun Saglamer's  Message

EWORA Founding Honorary President,  2015-2023


Our Fifteen Years Old Endeavour: “EWORA”  Is It Mature Enough?


There are similarities between  

“Giving Birth to a Child”


“Giving Birth to a Project, an Ideal of a Life Time”


You grow them with great care. You support them wholeheartedly to see them grow. If you are lucky, you get support from devoted partner(s) and colleagues in the process. When progenitors are confident that their dreams can grow and thrive by themselves  without further support, they ‘set it free’ to see if it can survive without their touch. The most rewarding feeling for the progenitors is to realize that the fruit of their long commitment and  hard work is blossoming and thriving way beyond their expectations without their involvement.


I am hopeful and confident that EWORA has progressed on that growth trajectory.


Projects, ideals, dreams wither away when the passion, the enthusiasm, the idealism is not shared by younger colleagues.  Aspirations and worthwhile efforts lose their force when here is nobody, no responsible body willing to take over the initiative to keep the commitment alive.


It is a true source of joy for me to know that EWORA does not face a generational ownership challenge.  Its spirit, its vision,  its values are shared by younger generations of accomplished and committed women leaders.


EWORA is now mature enough to move to the next phase of its life. It is with pride and confidence that we entrust our younger colleagues with the responsibility to imagine and guide EWORA’s journey to new vistas.


I wish EWORA and its new BoD members great success in the years to come.


Prof. Gulsun Saglamer

EWORA Founding Honorary President, 2015-2023