Terms and Conditions

There are four categories of Members:

i. Full Members
ii. Associate Members
iii. Institutional Members
iv. Honorary Members

The Association’s membership is open to any natural person or legal entity, whether Belgian or non-Belgian, who meets the following criteria:

Full Member: a natural person who is an active or former Rector/Vice Chancellor/President of a Higher Education Institution.

Associate Member: a natural person who is an active or former Vice Rector/Pro Vice Chancellor/Vice President of a Higher Education Institution.

Institutional Member: a Higher Education Institution and Higher Education networks.

Honorary Member: a natural person who is admitted as Honorary Member at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

About Membership

First Step: Please define one of the membership category according to the information given below. 

  • Full Member: a natural person who is an active or former Rector/Vice Chancellor/President of a Higher Education Institution.
  • Associate Member: a natural person who is an active or former Vice Rector/Pro Vice Chancellor/Vice President of a Higher Education Institution.
  • Institutional Member: a Higher Education Institution and Higher Education networks.


Second Step: Now, please click on your membership category given above to download the application form. 


Third Step: Please complete the form and send it to info@ewora.org.


Fourth Step: Application forms will be kept by General Secretary to be reviewed by the EWORA Board Members. If the BoD approves the membership, the relevant person/institution will be informed. 

Fifth Step: The accepted person/institution is expected to transfer the fee to EWORA’s Bank Account complete the process.   

Membersip Fees: The Board of Directors took a decision about the highest rate of annual membersip fee in its meeting date 21st of March, 2016 in Istanbul as follows: 

Full Membership: 300 Euro 
Associate Membership: 150 Euro
Institutional Membership: 1000 Euro

These rates will be adjusted for different countries according to their Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). 

EWORA Bank Account Details:

Bank name: BNP Paribas Fortis

Beneficiary: European Women Rectors Ass

IBAN: BE 10 0017 7430 5004



Full Membership Application Form
Associate Membership Application Form
Institutional Membership Application Form