EWORA promotes gender equality in higher education and research with special reference to leadership.


EWORA is established to develop strategies for increasing women at decision making levels in higher education and research. EWORA is committed to provide opportunity for women rectors to share their experiences to improve the situation of women academics and to remove the barriers for horizontal and vertical segregation in academia.


EWORA aims to

to become more effective and efficient for achieving substantial change across the world.

  • develop strategies and policies that will:
    • encourage women academics to target leadership positions; 
    • create opportunities for increasing women’s representation in higher education and research;
    • be proposed to decision makers at institutional, national and European levels;
  • establish a new Europe-wide network  to transfer and spread knowledge and experience among women leaders in academia; 
  • ensure a balanced participation of women and men in academic leadership;
  • observe, evaluate and analyse the gender differences in academia in different cultures at European levels; 
  • conduct research on gender equality in academia at European and international levels